Rules and Regulations

1.  Only residential homes are allowed to join the contest.

2.  Contest is for exterior decorations only, including window decorations visible from the exterior.

3.  No homes within a gated community without public access will be considered.

4.  Consent of all homeowners is given prior to presenting their home on the site.

5.  Decorations found on the submitted photos should match those that are installed on the home. If there are changes to the decorations, the nominee can submit new photos for approval before their entry will be updated on the website.

6.  Holiday decorations must remain up until the date of check being given.

7.  Photos should not be digitally manipulated in a way that adds, removes, or modifies the decorations on the home. Minor photo enhancements intended to refine the photo’s quality such as brightness and saturation are allowed. Photos sent must be personal photos taken at the location of entry and not removed from an online location.

8.  Any decoration, part or whole, that is considered obscene, sexist, racist, and offensive will be automatically disqualified.

9.  Guests take standard levels of caution when visiting any nominated homes. The event organizer will not be held responsible for any damages caused by incidents outside of the organizer’s control.

10.  The winner will be calculated using a formula that factors in the highest rating and the number of votes with the days on the site.

11.  Voters can rate and give reviews until December 28, 2023 at 12:00 PM. Ratings submitted via the website and SMS after the designated date and time will not be counted.

12.  The winner will be announced on The Ellman Group’s social media profiles on December 29, 2023. If the nominated home is the homeowner, they will receive $1500. If the nominated home is not the homeowner, the nominator will receive $500 while the homeowner will receive $1000. The winner/s will be contacted through their phone, email and the prize will be delivered in-person via door-knocking on December 30, 2023.

While supplies last.

There will be a limited number of featured properties, so we ask that the homes submitted should be reserved that you feel are worth people spending their time and gas to come view to be submitted.

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